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What is Algoroo?

Algoroo is a Google algorithm tracking tool developed by DEJAN. Our system monitors roughly 17,000 keywords to 100 search positions deep and looks for fluctuations. Both negative and positive movement is added up to create a single SERP flux metric we call "roo". High roo value indicates a high volatility in Google's search results. Low roo value is usually displayed on an ordinary day, unlikely to be affected by any algorithmic changes at Google. Throughout our timeline you may notice a number of detected events which go onto orange or even red. Google doesn't always disclose internal updates and algorithm changes, but when they do we add it as an annotation on our graph.

Algoroo Changelist

17. February 2015.

  • Email alerts.

26. November 2014.

  • Now with freshest possible data.

Email Alerts

Get alerted as soon as Algoroo detects a significant SERP flux.

Algorithm Update Calendar

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